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Senior NGS Technician/Technologist (Biomedical Sequencing Facility)

Senior NGS Technician/Technologist (Biomedical Sequencing Facility)

The Biomedical Sequencing Facility is Austria’s leading technology platform and service provider for next generation sequencing (NGS) and genomic methods in biomedicine. It is located at the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, working in close collaboration with the Medical University of Vienna, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Rare and Undiagnosed Diseases, and the St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Center.

We are searching for a highly motivated NGS Technician (entry-level position) or NGS Technologist (senior candidates with strong prior experience in the field) who wants to contribute to the booming field of personalized, genomic medicine. The successful candidate will operate the latest genome sequencing equipment, develop new protocols and assays, and perform high-quality sequencing services for biomedical research and genomic medicine. At CeMM, we take career development of our staff seriously. For example, we will provide extensive training and opportunity for personal growth as a technology expert, including technology development projects and scientific publications. Importantly, genomic medicine is a hot topic with high demand in academia and industry, thus creating a highly promising area for future career development.


Relevant Qualifications

  • Solid academic background (typically Master or PhD) with strong wet-lab experience working with DNA-related technologies
  • High accuracy, reliability, precision under time pressure, and organizational skills
  • Very strong motivation and commitment, proactive mindset, getting-things-done attitude
  • Prior experience working with next generation sequencing is mandatory; proven expertise in technology development is a plus
  • Prior experience in a core facility, molecular diagnostics laboratory, or biotechnology company is also a plus (but not mandatory)
  • Friendly, collaborative mindset, ability to multi-task and to work effectively in an international environment
  • Written and oral communication skills in English (German language skills are not required)
  • Dedication and commitment to high-quality service provision, serving biomedical researchers across a broad range of topics/projects
  • Motivation to work in one of the fastest-moving and most future-oriented areas of biomedicine


Typical Tasks

  • Development and execution of complex library preparation protocols (manually and/or with automated robotic systems)
  • Next generation sequencing on Illumina (NovaSeq, HiSeq 4000, NextSeq, Miseq, etc.) and nanopore (PromethION) machines
  • Optimization and testing of new protocols, e.g. cancer genomics, single-cell sequencing, and epigenome profiling
  • Troubleshooting of technical problems in the sample preparation and sequencing workflows
  • Contribution to lab management, training of new lab members, and scientific publications
  • Coordination of the Biomedical Sequencing Facility’s contribution to local, national, and/or international research projects
  • Customer support and productive interaction with researchers with diverse backgrounds (e.g. biology, medicine, bioinformatics)
  • We ask for a time commitment of at least 3 years (candidates considering a PhD should apply instead to the CeMM PhD Program)


The Biomedical Sequencing Facility (

The successful candidate will be part of the Biomedical Sequencing Facility (BSF) team, which is based at CeMM. The BSF is Austria’s first and leading center of expertise for next generation sequencing in biomedicine. Coordinated by Christoph Bock and with a dedicated team of staff scientists, the BSF contributes to biomedical research and whole genome medicine in Vienna, Austria, and internationally. The BSF is equipped with the latest technology for high-throughput genomics (Illumina NovaSeq, Oxford Nanopore, 10X Genomics, etc.) and powerful scientific computing infrastructure. The BSF’s mandate includes a strong focus on technology development, contribution to study design and bioinformatic data analysis, as well as training and teaching best practices in sequencing technology and genomic medicine. Furthermore, it supports biomedical scientists and clinicians in the development of custom NGS protocols and in the bioinformatic analysis of the resulting datasets.


The Institute (

CeMM is one of Europe’s leading biomedical research institutes. CeMM researchers routinely publish important discoveries in top journals. Over the last seven years, this included >10 papers in Nature/Cell/Science/NEJM and >30 papers in Nature/Cell sister journals – with a team of 120-150 scientists. Research at CeMM is exceptionally collaborative and has strong focus on medical impact, based on a profound molecular understanding of diseases such as cancer and immune disorders. CeMM is part of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a founding member of EU-LIFE. It is located at the center of one of the largest medical campuses in Europe, within walking distance of Vienna’s historical city center. A study by “The Scientist” put CeMM among the top-5 best places to work in academia worldwide ( Vienna is frequently ranked the world’s best city to live. It is a United Nations city with a large English-speaking community. The official language at CeMM is English, and >45 different nationalities are represented at the institute. CeMM promotes equal opportunity and harbors a mix of different talents, backgrounds, competences, and interests. We offer an excellent employee benefits package including full insurance coverage (health, accident, retirement), health care services, subsidized cafeteria, relocation bonus, and an annual gross salary of at least EUR 35,000 (the final salary will reflect the successful candidate’s qualifications and may be substantially higher).


Please apply online with cover letter, CV, academic transcripts, and contact details of three referees.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Any application received by 12 May 2020 will be considered. Start dates are flexible.

Additional information

City Vienna
Position type Full-time employee
Start of work 01.07.2020


Christoph Bock